UBC Student Building- Green-Stone™ Concrete recycles the old concrete structure as the aggregate for the new concrete foundation


Recycled Concrete in Canadian Standard CSA A23.1

Canadian Standard for concrete materials and methods of concrete construction, CSA A23.1-2014, recognizes the importance of using Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) and dedicates its annex O to "Aggregate made from recycled concrete for use in

hydraulic cement concrete". After reviewing various studies on the properties of recycled aggregate, this document concludes that: 

"In general, it may be sustainable responsible to use RCA in concrete. Such situations might be feasible in areas where concrete aggregates are not readily available, in cases where a large concrete structure or pavement will be replaced, and in areas where there is no market for the RCA other than reuse in concrete.
In such situations, the costs of production and quality control balanced against alternatives might allow for the economic use of RCA in concrete. There is also the possibility of substituting small to moderate amounts of coarse aggregate sized RCA for virgin aggregate for relatively low value construction.
In the future, in addition to the current use of RCA in such things as road base, use of recycled concrete and other non-traditional materials as aggregates in concrete will increase."
(CSA A23.1-2014, Annex O)


Environmentally Friendly Concrete by Green-Stone™ Concrete

Green-Stone™ Concrete is the proud market leader of environmentally friendly concrete in the lower mainland, BC.

Concrete containing recycled aggregate has been used successfully in various residential and non-residential projects all around the world specially in Europe. This popularity of this product has increased exponentially in recent decades for environmental and technical purposes. While recycled concrete imposes considerably lower negative impacts on the environment, it has shown excellent technical performance in the field.

Featured Project: UBC Student Building

In this project, Green-Stine™ Concrete accepted the demolition concrete waste of the old structure and after crushing, washing, and screening processes, used the reclaimed concrete as concrete aggregate in the foundation of the new building.


The old foundation is processes and used as concrete aggregate in the new foundation of UBC Student Building